Sunday, September 8, 2013

Eating on a Paleo diet

Paleo, an interesting word to say the least.  Paleo is even a more interesting word when you are trying to follow the guidelines.

Thankfully, I have not done too bad this past week in this little journey.  I have only eaten a few items that might be questionable.  However, I am trying and succeeding to the most part.  

I have found that since beginning this diet, my cravings are getting less and less.  My energy level is coming up.  My sleep has also improved since beginning the diet. nThe best part though is that my clothes are fitting better and I am seeing small changes in my body.  

Yes, on this diet you give up wheat/gluten, legemes and dairy.  However, I am seriously not missing them too bad.  The two BIG things I am missing is 1) the sugar in my coffee and 2) dressing on my salads.

So, what have we been eating this past week??  Here is a little tour for you.  

This was lunch the other day.  1 1/2 hamburger patties, roasted broccoli, tomatoes, and kiwi.  Quick and easy to make in the morning.  This lunch was also very filling.

Breakfast has been eggs and bacon (or some meat) every morning.  I usually roux it out with a small piece of fruit or 1/2 an avocado.

This has become my son's favorite lunch.  Two hard boiled eggs, bacon, tomatoes and 1/2 an apple.  Though it doesn't look like it would be very filling, I was not hungry at all.

Fish is going to be a big staple for us during this journey.  This dinner consisted of roasted asparagus, "fried" green beans and baked tilapia.  Thankfully, green beans are allowed in moderation even though they are a legeme.

This was the dinner I blogged about several nights ago.  I am in love with this meal of sausage/kale sauté and broiled eggplant.  This dinner was VERY satisfying and filing as well.

Finally, breakfast yesterday morning was a egg scramble (jalapeños, ham, and sautéed fresh mushrooms) and sweet potato hash.  That hash was AMAZING!  The recipe came from the book "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf.  

See, even though we have given up some food, we definitely have not gone hungry.  I will admit it takes more planning and prepping.  However, in the end, it will all be worth the time!

Love to you all from the
Busy Cookin' WV Momma

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