Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coffee, My Friend

Aw, coffee. One of the seven great kitchen
wonders in my humble opinion. Oh, I know, that
sounds a little dramatic. However, coffee has become one
of my best friends in the last three years.

My first memories of drinking coffee is sitting at my
Grandma and Grandpa Daniel's kitchen table with my Grandpa.
He was always an early riser and always had a pot of coffee ready to go.
He would pour me some in a cup and then add milk and sugar.
Now, I honestly believe it was more milk than coffee. However,
we were creating memories that are still with me today.

Fast forward many years. Coffee and I have been what I would
call "sometimes friends" throughout my most of my adult life. I never was
a very big coffee drinker until my mom and dad gave Johnny and
I one of these several Christmases ago. 

Yes, it is a Keurig! This is what changed my
relationship with coffee. We went from "sometimes
friends" to "best friends". 

I love the fact I don't have
to make a huge pot of coffee and then need up pouring
half of it down the drain. I love the fact I can change my
preference of what I want to drink with each cup.
I love the fact that I can make iced tea without making
an entire pitcher that would probably just sit in my fridge.
I would love to shake the hand of the person who made invented
this wonderful, wonderful machine.

Now, if you come to my home, there are usually three to four
different types of K-cups I can offer you.
Johnny has his favorite, JJ has his favorite and I have my favorites.
Johnny's favorite

JJ's favorite
(No, he doesn't drink it all the time but he
does from time to time)

My favorites
(I told you like to change my preferences)

These five are in my houses pretty much at all times.
It is a sad day if Johnny and I go to the little carousel
and we are out of our particular brand. So, I always try
to make sure we don't run low.

Also, I have recently found a coffee creamer I pray
 Coffee-mate will keep on the shelves for a very long time.
Oh yeah! Samoa flavored coffee creamer!
Cue the celestial music right now!
I almost cried tonight at the grocery store because
I thought they were sold out of this brand. However,
hiding in the back of the case, was this last one!
I would have done a happy dance right then and there
if people would not have thought I was crazy - LOL!!

Yes, my Keurig is considered a major appliance in the
Johnson household. This is the second one we have owned
in the last three years. If you own a Keurig, you know why
I say I love this machine. If you do not own one, I would 
highly recommend purchasing one. They seriously pay for

Hope you all have a blessed evening!

Love to you all from the
Busy Cookin' WV Momma!

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