Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekly Menu June 1 - June 7

The month of June is going to be a fun month around
the Johnson household. The hubby finally agreed to
let me do a month of slow cooker/pressure cooker meals.
WOO HOO! I know, you are probably thinking "so?"
Well, I have been wanting to do this for a while and was always
met with a little resistance. However, now I have my chance.

I have always been interested in the blogs that showcase the
slow cooker 365 days a year. Those women/men are an inspiration
to me. I am not going to push it that far, but I am excited to
try some new recipes.

I have already began the planning for this month. I debated
whether to publish the full month menu or just take it week
by week. I think weekly will be the best option. So, here is the first
week of menus for "Slow Cooker/Pressure Cooker June."

I thought this cartoon was hilarious! I have to admit, I have
to stop my self all the time from opening the lid!

June 1 - June 7

Sunday. June 1
Kielbasa, Cabbage and Onion
Slow Cooker meal
Recipe can be found here.

Monday, June 2
Pizza Joes
Pressure cooker meal

Tuesday, June 3
Mushroom Gravy Slow-Cooked Rump Roast
Slow cooker meal

Wednesday, June 4
Hubby is working the Power ballgame.
So, dinner will be eaten at the ballpark.

Thursday, June 5
Honey Garlic Chicken
Pressure cooker meal

Friday, June 6
Italian Beef
Slow cooker meal

Saturday, June 7
Chicken and Mushrooms in Cream Sauce
Slow cooker meal

As always, I will try my best to get the recipes for each day posted
the evening it is served. However, sometimes the recipes will
not be available until the next day. I promise though, they will be posted!

I hope you all have a blessed day!

Love to you all from the
Busy Cookin' WV Momma!

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